Podcasts and videos featuring the Partnership


Safari Club InternationalThe Non-Lead Partnership - A Discussion About Lead Ammunition and Tackle59 minJuly 2023
National Wildlife Federation Outdoors PodcastThe Evolution Away from Lead While Hunting and Fishing with Bryan Bedrosian, Chris Parish, Leland Brown1 hr 8 minMarch 2023
Conservation UnfilteredNorth American Non-Lead Partnership1 hrOctober 2022137
The Big Game Hunting PodcastChris Parish and Leland Brown On Hunting With Lead-Free Ammo1 hr 17 minSeptember 2022215


If There's Lead In The Air, There's Hope In The Heart2 hr 55 minAugust 2022354
Harvesting Nature
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Thoughts on Lead Free Ammo1 hr 16 minJuly 2022510
Pertnear OutdoorsBanning of Lead Ammo in NY? What's the deal?1 hr 26 minApril 2022151
Modern CarnivoreNorth American Non-Lead Partnership1 hr 11 minFebruary 202235
Flatlander PodcastNon-lead Hunting Ammunition1 hr 5 minDecember 202118
The Hunter Conservationist
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The North American Non-Lead Partnership with Leland Brown and Chris Parish2 hr 21 minJanuary 202138
National Wildlife Federation Outdoors PodcastThe North American Non-Lead Partnership with Leland Brown and Chris Parish1 hr 24minOctober 2020
ODFW’s Beaver State podcast
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Unleaded53 minAugust 202023
It's Your MountainLeaded or Unleaded (Leland Brown and Chris Parish)2 hr 41minFebruary 202082
BHA Podcast and BlastChris Parish and Leland Brown of the North American Non-Lead Partnership2 hr 28 minOctober 201962
MeatEater: Cal's Week in ReviewOld Skulls, Slow Fish, Fast Falcons, and Herpes19 minOctober 201926
Mule Deer FoundationNorth American Non-Lead Partnership (Leland Brown and Chris Parish)24 minSeptember 201925
Bent N BallisticGet the Lead Out Part 1 (Leland Brown and C. Parish)1 hr 8 minMay 201959
Northwest Nature MattersGet the Lead Out: Reducing Lead Exposure in Scavenging Birds of Prey (Leland Brown and Jim Akenson)1 hr 55 minFebruary 20198
Hunt Talk Radio with Randy NewbergNon-lead Ammo & Hunting with Raptors (Hawking) (Leland Brown and Chris Parish)1 hr 51 minNovember 201887
Shoot'n The BullChris Parish on Raptors, Lead Ammunition and Falconry1 hr 53 minMay 201849
Bent N BallisticGet the Lead Out Part 2 (Leland Brown and C. Parish)1 hr 3 minJune 201660


Ryan Callahan of MeatEater- Instagram videoSee also podcast link above.
ZumwaltIn collaboration with the Oregon Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and The Nature Conservancy, the North American Non-lead Partnership is excited to present ‘Zumwalt’ A film about collaborative conservation told through the lens of an epic elk hunt on Northeast Oregon’s famed Zumwalt Prairie Preserve.
Randy Newberg Hunter - 2019 Arizona Coues, Quail, and Javelina Part 4
Fresh Tracks season 7 Ep 8 Sonoran Wildlife Wonderland
Born and Raised Outdoors, Copper vs. Lead Ammo (Leland Brown)22 min.
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